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New GDC Next talks: Where's My Water, Chime's Curran, Realm of Empires

Game Developers Conference Next organizers have added new sessions to the November 'future of games' event, including Disney Mobile on level design from hits such as Where's My Water (pictured) and Where's My Perry, Realm of Empires's Facebook to Mobile HTML5 porting, and an inspirational talk from former Edge Magazine editor Ste Curran.

GDC Next is the spiritual successor to GDC Online. The new event aims to highlight the future of video game development, with tracks including 'Next Generation Game Platforms', 'Free To Play & New Business Models', and 'Smartphone & Tablet Games', as well as cloud and indie game focuses.

It will take place alongside the App Developers Conference on November 5th-7th, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Organizers are announcing three new talks today, as follows:

- For the inspirational 'In the Time It Takes a Heart to Beat,' Ste Curran (former Edge Magazine editor and Chime designer) will use "a 3AM phone call, a girl called Epher and a heartbeat" to explore crucial, memorable moments in games, how they affect the player, and why they are so important. Attendees will be challenged to examine experiences generated in their games and in their own lives.

- Elsewhere, in 'Where's My Flow? Holistic Content Design,' Disney Mobile's level designer Tom Smith will discuss how creatively organizing content throughout your game is critical to its overall success. Along the way, he'll be taking cues from some of the hit mobile titles he's been involved with, including Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?.

- In 'Porting Realm of Empires from Facebook to Mobile HTML5,' BDA Entertainment CEO Greg Balajewicz will share his company's hybrid method of using HTML/CSS and HTML5 Canvas for the and examine the availability of various architecture options and more.

These talks join a growing number of others added to the interactive Session Scheduler, now live for attendees to begin their planning. Other talks include Starcraft 2 commentator Sean "Day[9]" Plott on spectator-friendly games, Game of Thrones Ascent devs on story-driven social games, and more.

Registration is now open for GDC Next and the co-located ADC. The first 500 attendees who sign up can save over 30% on ADC, GDC Next, or a combined VIP Pass. For all the latest news on GDC Next, subscribe for updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS. Also, check out ADC's recently-announced talks by Animoca and Movile devs on apps for kids.

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