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We all know that smartphone & tablet games are a big deal in terms of what's 'next'. But what can we tell you that you don't already know? Plenty, it turns out - both in practical terms about the various iOS, Android, and newer OS options, and in terms of postmortems and previews on games that you should care about learning from and emulating. Whether it be practical concerns about designing for touch screens (still a big deal), to complexities around getting worldwide distribution for your games, you'll learn all about it here.

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Designing Games for Fun and Profit: A Diner Dash Rush Retrospective
Tom Hall (PlayFirst)
Leveraging decades of industry experience and his work in re-inventing the all-time, classic time management game Diner Dash Rush, PlayFirst creative director Tom Hall will illuminate the opportunities and obstacles that developers face in creating clever monetization schemes that don't detract from gameplay, but rather add true value and entertainment for players. Tom will share pointed, insightful details from the development, launch and results of Diner Dash Rush, a modern-day re-imagining of the classic game. These will include an overview of the creative process behind the game, the twin goals of providing exciting mechanics and effective monetization, and the results of this successful collaboration between game design and business.
Where's My Flow? Holistic Content Design
Tom Smith (Disney Mobile)
Creating great content is not enough - content also needs to be organized creatively to create a coherent and fun game. Great levels in the wrong order do not make a great game. This talk uses examples from Where's My Water, Where's My Perry and other games to discuss ways that content order and presentation guide learning, challenges and variety. Careful placement of the right content can elevate a game and make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Graphics Technology Challenges and Innovations for iOS in Supernauts
Harri Hatinen (Grand Cru)
Supernauts is an MMO with creative gameplay and user-generated content for mobile platforms, with modern 3D graphics and a procedural user-built world. This session will introduce you to how Grand Cru designed, implemented and optimized our algorithms to generate the graphics for the worlds users have created, and how our systems generated the lively impressions and details into that world.
Google Play Games 6 Months In: What We've Learned
Todd Kerpelman (Google)
It's been six months since the launch of Google Play game services. Let's take a moment to look back on some early design decisions we made and figure out if they were good ones in hindsight. We'll also take a look at problems we're still confronted with and how we're attempting to solve them, as well as cover some of the common pitfalls and best practices that our partners have discovered in their own games.


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