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In today's market, as ever, the nuts and bolts of actual game production are incredibly important. This discipline at GDC Next will look into the contrasts between gigantic productions made with multiple studios, all the way down to micro-production and remote production environments, presenting best practices and learnings from the experts.

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From Game Jam to Full Game - Super TIME Force & Other Shining Examples
Nathan Vella (Capy Games)
Game jams - where small teams create a playable experiment on a micro-schedule - have risen from a tiny following to a full-fledged piece of the game dev world. With global, local, themed and in-studio jams happening all the time, it's no wonder that every so often a jam game transcends its three day dev cycle and becomes something larger: a "full" game destined for a major platform. This talk will discuss the process Capy took in bringing Super Time Force from game jam to console title, including the many positives and negatives this style of development entails. In addition, it will take learnings from other developers who have gone from jam to release, including Greg Rice (Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight), Itay Keren (Global Game Jam), Ben Esposito (Molyjam) and Kyle Pulver (local jam in Phoenix, AZ).
Binders Full of Women: Diversifying Feminine Archetypes in Games
Jill Murray (Ubisoft Quebec)
The Future: as female audiences continue to grow, game developers include more and more women characters in playable and supporting roles. In this landscape increasingly dominated by strong-willed women heroines who do it all, how do you make yours stand out? The historical debate over whether or how to include women in games long past, this talk turns to focus on factors that bring unique appeal to your game: a breadth and variety of new narrative and gameplay options brought by a range of characters and personalities inspired by real women in history, and contemporary women important to game developers you know.
Game of Thrones Ascent: Creating an Engaging Social Game Through Story
Jon Radoff (Disruptor Beam)
Tim Crosby (Disruptor Beam)
Jon Radoff and Tim Crosby of Disruptor Beam discuss what it takes to create a successful free-to-play social and mobile game based on a popular IP. The talk specifically focuses on the content creation process for their story-driven social game, Game of Thrones Ascent. Through diagrams, Jon and Tim explain the studio's narrative development process and what went into creating IP-based storylines vs. original content, leading to a highly engaging game experience with low player acquisition costs. The talk emphasizes the importance of a strong IP holder relationship, along with frequent content updates in IP-based games.
Nine Trends for the Next Decade of Video Games
Starr Long (Stellar Effect)
There are many trends in video games and technology today that will influence and even dominate the next 10 years. What happens when multiple trends collide to create heretofore unknown results? For example, imagine taking the options created by the explosive proliferation and evolution of interfaces (cameras, wearable tech, screen extenders, haptic touch, etc.) and mashing two or more of these into a completely new experience? Or what if we combine 3D printing with digital toys like Skylanders? Twenty-year veteran Starr Long selects nine of these trends and explores how they are already changing the way we make and consume games.
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