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It's no longer a three-horse race to see who will win the 'game platform' race. Though the new generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony in the process of being revealed, and Nintendo's Wii U is attempting to expand its developer outreach to compete, GDC Next's expansive game platform track will look far beyond the usual suspects - towards PC-based game 'consoles' like the Steam Box, Android OS to TV devices, connected TVs, and the next generations of handheld smartphone tech. Then there's the 'VR headset' wave and all manner of gesture-based game hardware tech. It's an exciting market out there, and we'll try to cover all the options smart creators might consider!

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The Easy-to-Play Model: Developer Friendly, Gamer Approved
Adam Boyes (SCEA)
The impact of digital platforms on the video game industry has been transformative, redefining the ways gamers discover and interact with games, and how developers approach the planning of their next IP. These platforms are enabling new business models like episodic and free-to-play (F2P), which lowers the barriers of entry for gamers by incentivizing them to try something that they might not otherwise play. Once gamers are engaged, this "Easy-to-Play" model offers new ways for developers to monetize through virtual goods, power ups and other DLC. In this session, Adam Boyes, VP of publisher & developer relations at SCEA, will lead an educational session on how F2P has evolved into a viable business model for gaming consoles, provide insight into the engagement and spending habits of F2P consumers, share case studies on how developers have built successful F2P IP on the PlayStation, and explain the ways F2P will evolve in the future on the PlayStation 4. The "Easy-to-Play" model doesn't stop at the way gamers purchase games.
The Next Generation of Kinect
Ben Lower (Microsoft)
Kinect introduced the world to using your body as a controller. The capabilities of the new Kinect sensor for Xbox One allow for experiences far beyond what has been possible in the recent past. This presentation covers the technical details of the hardware and software, but focuses primarily on seeing the technology in action, with demos showing many of the amazing scenarios that are now possible on the next generation of Kinect.
The Future or a Fad? Windows 8 Developers on Creating Games for an Emerging Platform
Paul Hake (HitPoint Studios)
Kenny Rosenblatt (Arkadium)
Neil Sorens (Zen Studios)
With the slew of new platforms and operating systems available for developers to create on, which emerging platform is right for you, and why should you make the choice to start working on it? Top Windows 8 developers including Arkadium, Hit Point Studios and Zen Studios - the teams behind hit games like Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Taptiles, Adera, and Pinball FX - will discuss the highlights and complexities of developing for Windows 8 games on the PC, tablet and mobile devices. This panel will explore the advantages of being a first-mover on a new platform, the opportunities to dominate in a broad marketplace, the challenges in getting your app noticed in an unknown ecosystem, why they chose to develop for Windows 8, and thoughts for the future.
Porting Games from PS3 or Web to SHIELD and OUYA
Luc Beaulieu (Frima Studio)
Jean-Philippe Doiron (Frima Studio)
This session shows the ins and outs of developing on micro-consoles like the OUYA and the GameStick, or handheld devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD. Learn how we tailored a PS3 game by using Unreal so it ran well on micro-consoles, bypassing their limitations. Also, see how we enhanced a Stage3D game using AIR to show off the SHIELD's power by leveraging its strengths. Finally, learn about peer-to-peer multiplayer options to link players across game consoles, mobile and Web. Reach beyond the limitations to create an awesome game!
Game Design is Business Design
Why Everything in Games Today Is Irrelevant
Teut Weidemann (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
In the next couple of years, the entire computer and software industry will be altered dramatically as disruptive devices change it all: smartphones and tablets. This talk will show you numbers and facts that should change your mind about how the industry will look in the next 5 years and perhaps, you will modify your business to ride the future train.
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