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The sponsored Monetization Discipline contains a host of talks from companies whose business is focused around how to make money on your games - with panels and lectures detailing specific case studies, lessons and takeaways from some of the top companies in the space.

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Monetization Lessons from Asian Free-To-Play Games
Tom Nichols (Aeria Games & Entertainment)
Free-to-play MMO game monetization differs significantly between games from Western and Asian developers. Western developers have focused primarily on limited monetization systems, striving to achieve a harmonious game balance for free players and spenders. Asian developers have focused on selling power through gear and weapons enhancements, resulting in much higher ARPU, but sometimes creating a perception that the games are pay-to-win. This presentation explains how Asian free-to-play MMOs drive such high monetization, and discusses the issue of selling power vs. achieving proper game balance.
The Odd Couple: Marrying Microtransactions and Subscriptions in Gardens of Time
Arnab Basu (Playdom, Disney Interactive)
Why should your company or game consider marrying online microtransactions and subscriptions? This session will dig into feature design considerations and details behind the 'Inner Circle' subscription offering in Gardens of Time - the first hit hidden object game on Facebook. As a game designer, producer or product manager interested in delivering a robust and long-term retention strategy for your players, come learn about how to potentially retain a long-term payer base for a live free-to-play game.


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Xsolla is an international company standing behind billing and payment solutions for video games. With over 600 payment methods in its portfolio, Xsolla goes beyond industry standards, offering streamlined user experience, traffic acquisition, smart pricing, robust analytics, advanced fraud and chargeback management and payment-related customer support.

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