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From the creators of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Game Developers Conference Next (GDC Next) is a brand new developer event focusing on creating the game experiences of the future, including how we will play games, on what we will play them, and how we will monetize, distribute, market, and share them -- we're bringing together the creators of tomorrow's biggest and most innovative video games for this event and getting them to present their best practices to you.

GDC Next 2013 will debut November 5-7, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and will be co-located with the App Developers Conference (ADC).
GDC Next is built around six primary content tracks and six game market disciplines. This year's primary content tracks include the following:


The Future of Gaming Track logo
Future of Gaming Track
Unsurprisingly, GDC Next is constructed around 'what's next in video games'. So we want our signature track to include a healthy dose of everything out there - from futurist looks at what games might be like in ten years, to examinations of the future of the industry in various key parts of the world (from Asia to the West and beyond!), and reports from the frontlines of new, experimental ways of making games. We'll also be featuring early looks at some fascinating yet-to-ship titles that we think may define the future of video games.
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Next Generation Game Platforms Track logo
Next Generation Game Platforms Track
It's no longer a three-horse race to see who will win the 'game platform' race. Though the new generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony in the process of being revealed, and Nintendo's Wii U is attempting to expand its developer outreach to compete, GDC Next's expansive game platform track will look far beyond the usual suspects - towards PC-based game 'consoles' like the Steam Box, Android OS to TV devices, connected TVs, and the next generations of handheld smartphone tech. Then there's the 'VR headset' wave and all manner of gesture-based game hardware tech.
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Free to Play & New Business Models Track logo
Free to Play & New Game Business Models Track
As the free to play (F2P) model continues to massively shift the way that the game industry works, designers are grappling with the creative implications of a world in which gameplay and monetization is intimately intertwined. But what's next in F2P? How can companies build models that retain engaged players for months and years, instead of just days? As the complexity of the business increases, we'll be featuring practical postmortems and inspiring talks on ways you can master F2P and even go a different way (crowdfunding? a return to subscriptions?) to fund or monetize your game title - whether it be traditional paid digital or something different.
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Smartphone & Tablet Games Track logo
Smartphone & Tablet Games Track
We all know that smartphone & tablet games are a big deal in terms of what's 'next'. But what can we tell you that you don't already know? Plenty, it turns out - both in practical terms about the various iOS, Android, and newer OS options, and in terms of postmortems and previews on games that you should care about learning from and emulating. Whether it be practical concerns about designing for touch screens (still a big deal), to complexities around getting worldwide distribution for your games, you'll learn all about it here.
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Cloud Gaming Track logo
Cloud Gaming Track
Much-vaunted and becoming increasingly relevant, there are several flavors of 'cloud' for video games, and we plan to discuss all of them at GDC Next. Whether it be the concept of video-streaming games across the Internet (still a pursued business model, if controversial) or the massive amounts of scalable servers needed to run many of today's popular online and mobile games (a particular problem, if you've been following a few of the recent failures to scale!), we need to be discussing cloud - and we'll be talking about it in depth at GDC Next.
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Independent Games Track logo
Independent Games Track
It's true that a lot of the game industry self-identify as independent - but that doesn't stop the independent scene from having its own flavor and style that both inspires and astounds. We'll be looking to bring some of the industry's top independent creators to the show to talk about what they're up to next, the ways they've got their message out to a wider audience of fans, and the game design innovations they've built to delight and entrance.
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