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The ADC (App Developers Conference) focuses on non-game app development, UI, marketing and business. Whether their apps embrace iOS, Android, other emerging platforms, or whether they operate even further afield--we're bringing together the very best app creators for this event to share best practices.


Erik Loehfelm
Universal Mind
Erik Loehfelm is the executive vice president of user experience at Universal Mind. In this role, Erik leads the UX team responsible for developing new, immersive experiences for the web, mobile and embedded systems. With a deep knowledge of the ways people interact with technologies, Erik ensures user experience is about elegant design, usability, performance development and physical context, and how these elements come together to create a holistic experience for people. Erik oversees interaction design, user testing, UI design and vision prototyping at Universal Mind, and determines where the company should make investments to deliver highly immersive experiences for its customers.
Sandeep Sood
Sandeep Sood is a software visionary who founded Monsoon Company in 2001. Monsoon conceptualizes, designs, develops and markets mobile and web applications that help business thrive in a connected world. He has worked with companies such as HP, Cisco, Novartis, the Academy Awards and the NBA to help them get their ideas off the whiteboard and onto people's devices. He launched BioBeats in 2012, which allows users to measure their heartbeats on the iPhone and fuse them with music. He is active on the speaking circuit, and has shared ideas at SxSW, TED and TiE. He is also an avid writer of screenplays and shorts.
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