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What's GDC Next®?
Many developers craft excellent games in today's saturated market. GDC Next 2014 attendees should expect to learn how to increase discoverability, gain exposure, broaden your audience, differentiate your work, and successfully create and market your game as a comprehensive experience. Talks will offer a practical path to success in these areas and share ways to make games and companies successful.

GDC Next will take place November 3-4, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

GDC Next is produced by the UBM Tech Game Network.
Expo Floor
Along with the outstanding speakers and content, GDC Next will also include an interactive Expo Floor. The Expo Floor space will be shared with ADC and will include the games, tools, products, services created by and for next-gen and future-gen developers. Check out everything this burgeoning industry has to offer and network with your peers in one vibrant location.

The GDC Next Advisory Board
These seasoned industry professionals volunteer their time to help construct the GDC Next conference sessions. They work to ensure that the quality of the content provided to attendees is high-level, relevant and timely. Their dedication is critical to the success of the conference.
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